Pressure Washers & Parts

We supply a complete line of electric, gasoline, diesel and oil cold water pressure washers

We specialize in pressure washers for private owners, contractors, industrial users, and pressure washing businesses. Our pressure washers range from 1000 PSI to 5000 PSI for pressure and from 2 GPM to 10 GPM for water volume category. You can choose from a variety of models: hand carry, base mount, wall mount, portable, cart mount, skid, pick-up mount and trailer mounted designs. Electric powered models are also available in 120 & 230 volts and in 1 & 3 phases.

Hot Pressure Washers vs Cold Pressure Washers

Cold water pressure washers have advantages over hot water machines in several categories. One of them is that they are much smaller and lighter units. They can weight anywhere between 50 lbs and 300 lbs. It is very important to determine what jobs you will be performing with the washer, whether you will be moving it around your facility or not. It is essential to choose the one where mobility and portability is not an issue. Cold water units can be used to clean the dirt in any environment where oil, fuel or grease are not present. If you need to clean oily and greasy surfaces, you must choose a hot water unit . In addition, cold water washers are less expensive and have a broader selection.

Pressure Washer Parts & Accessories

  • Guns, Wands, Nozzles
  • HP Hoses – Black, Blue, Yellow, White Washdown
  • Flat Surface Cleaners.
  • Rotary Dirtblaster Nozzles
  • Karcher Parts and Accessories
  • Landa Parts and Accessories

We also carry most common pressure washer parts for Karcher, Landa, Dynablast, Kodiak, Mi-T-M and all North American made Industrial Pressure Washers.

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