Water Treatment Systems

Wastewater Treatment Equipment & Recycling Systems for Industrial Use

Water Maze is North America’s No. 1 manufacturer of industrial waste water treatment systems. Since 1989 Water Maze has been the leader in providing innovative technology for processing waste water that is created by a variety of industries. Originally designed for treating wash water run off from pressure washing applications; Water Maze treats many types of waste water created during manufacturing, or when cleaning industrial equipment.

Chemical Treatment

These advanced Water Maze systems introduce chemicals into the moving waste stream to clean the water. The latest technology is the Innovator Series with the EC and CoAg systems; removing suspended solids, emulsified oils ,and heavy metals from the waste water, making it safer to discharge to sewer.

The Innovator Series

Combines a variety of modular products and technologies designed to treat industrial waste water from a wide range of applications. It utilizes batch processing and retains no water in the system. The processed water can be dumped to sewer or dumped to a recirculation module for reuse or to be a holding tank.

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