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We represent all of the top industrial pressure washing brands. Click on the various brands below to view more details about each one.

Landa Pressure Washers

LANDA’s industrial cleaning equipment and products provide consumers a way to clean faster, more efficient, and economical than any other method, period. LANDA’s legendary quality in its pressure washer line is the result of focusing more than 40 years of experience into every detail of a pressure washer from their top of the line LANDA pump — backed by their 7-year warranty — to their highly efficient horizontal coil, you know your machine is built to last!

Karcher Pressure Washers & Parts

We offer a complete range of pressure washing equipment, accessories and parts. Pressure washer line up includes:

  • Electric-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Gasoline-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Diesel Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers
Mi-T-M Pressure Washers & Parts

Mi-T-M Corporation is a leader in the design and manufacture of high quality industrial equipment. Our extensive line of product includes:

  • Electric-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Gasoline-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers
  • Diesel-Powered Hot Water Pressure Washers
Dynablast Pressure Washers & Parts

For more than 26 years Dynablast has been a leading manufacturer of industrial pressure washers. With the early introduction of the “environmentally friendly” range of natural gas and propane heated burners, Dynablast machines have outlasted the competition.

Powerjet Pressure Washers & Parts

The staff at Powerjet have over 20 years experience of sales and service in the industrial pressure washer field. Our machines are built to the highest standards for applications ranging from heavy duty industrial use to light duty commercial use.

Cuda Aqueous Parts Washers

Cuda automatic parts washers provide a safe and efficient solution to cleaning parts because they eliminate the need for harmful cleaning solvents. Plus, they provide businesses with a time-saving solution. Your staff can simultaneously clean parts while performing other tasks.

Far superior than washing by hand
Cuda automatic parts washers are aqueous based, industrial size washers that use pressurized jets of hot water and specialized detergents to deliver cleaning power that is far more efficient than washing parts by hand. Simply load parts, turn on the washer and walk away for 15 to 20 minutes while parts are automatically cleaned thoroughly and efficiently.

A parts washer will lower your monthly expenditures!
You can start saving today with a Cuda automatic parts washer. You will recoup your investment in no time, by increasing your billable hours.

Water Maze Water Treatment Systems

Water Maze is North America’s No. 1 manufacturer of industrial waste water treatment systems. Since 1989 Water Maze has been the leader in providing innovative technology for processing waste water that is created by a variety of industries. Originally designed for treating wash water run off from pressure washing applications, Water Maze treats any type of waste water created during manufacturing, or when cleaning industrial equipment.

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